Sunday, May 27, 2007

About our Family

Russ and AprilRuss and April have been happily married since March 13th, 1999. Russ works as a full-time Realtor for our Brokerage StoneCrest Properties and April is a full-time Mom/Home-Maker and Part-time Dental Hygienist. We love to spend most of our time together and with our 3 beautiful children Autumn, Summer, and Lincoln.
Autumn Kyanne,8, is now in the 3rd Grade at CTA Independence. She is so sweet, smart, and responsible. You can always count on her to be the first one awake and ready for the day. She is a great big sister and helper to mom. She is always willing to try new things, especially if there is a bribe involved. She likes to Water-ski, Trapeze, Dive, Dance, Act, and Read.
SumsSummer Madisyn,5, is now in Kindergarten at CTA Independence. She is so full of light. We call her our "Summer Sunshine" because she is Fun, Loving, and Polite. She is always finding a way to make us laugh with her silly faces or spunky personality. She is so gentle with animals and her little brother. She likes to do things her way, as well as, Water-ski, Swim, Sing, Dive, Gymnastics, and Play on the computer.
LinkLincoln Joe,1, Was born January 31st, 2009. He is a happy baby and has such a good disposition. He is always smiling and loves the attention he gets from his big sisters, or "Other Mommies". He is very curious and tries to do anything YOUR doing. He is a definite "Boy" and is drawn toward electronics and food. He loves the water and can't wait to grow up.

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