Monday, September 21, 2009


We just got back from a fun family vacation/family reunion to California! First we spent the whole day at Disneyland. We had a total blast. The kiddo's had fun in Toon Town meeting Micky and Minnie Mouse. Auti and Sum's favorite ride was surprisingly Splash Mountain, Sum even went on it twice. Link's favorite was It's a Small World.


Marisa and Rob said...

I was so sad that we didn't see anyone at Disneyland while we were there...I take that back we saw Michael and Stefanie, real fast, but noone else. Looks like you guys had fun!!! :) The Beach was a blast!! Amirra likes the Beach more than Disneyland!! LOL :)

Jeppesen Family said...

Looks like fun! (and I should know) Glad you guys were able to get together with family!

Debbie said...

We've gone with parents when we went too- it's SOO nice to have the help (& the company too, of course!) :) So many cute pictures! I love the one of Lincoln close up- his eyes are SO bright! Handsome guy! :)