Monday, August 16, 2010

Our Cabin

I am LOVING our "Cabin" It has been one of my most favorite purchases we have ever made. I love spending the weekends in Strawberry. It still needs some cosmetic remodeling (which is part of the fun) but it is so nice to sleep in a real bed. Don't get me wrong, I still like camping in a tent, but this makes it so easy to pack-up and go for weekend trips out of the heat. It even rained and we were nice and dry, then got to enjoy the beautiful weather afterward. Before we would be dreading packing up our wet tent and gear.


Sarah W. said...

We have a cabin in strawberry. Of course it isn't "mine" it is a family cabin. It was built 30 plus years ago. Where is your's? WE might have to meet up. We try and make it up there as much as possible.

Taylors said...

this is awesome! i didn't realize how spacious it was -- that looks perfect! do you have it on your land or is it somewhere else? we would love to visit you!