Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Summer broke her arm

Over Labor day we went to Strawberry with Russ family and was able to get quite a bit done on the cabin. Sunday night we were hanging out by the campfire when we heard summer cry. We went by the zip line and sure enough she fell from the very top right off the ladder. She calmed down after and Advil and went to bed. We made her a makeshift sling and gave here Advil every once in a while and finished our camping trip. By Tuesday she was acting like it was feeling better but it was still sore so I asked a Doctor friend of mine (We all need a Doctor friend) what he thought I should do. Of course with no hesitation he said go get it x-rayed. Sure enough her elbow was broken, so my friend put a little half cast on it and now she is good to go. The next morning before school she didn't want to go because she was embarrassed. That afternoon when I picked her up from school she was so happy. I asked how her day was and she said "I love going to school with a broken arm because everyone helps you." Its also good since it is her Left arm. I guess she has learned to cope with it all. Only downside is she has a hard time at dance and she cant do gymnastics or trapeze for a couple months.

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