Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oh I am so excited about our Cabin (Single wide Trailer). It is so fun to go up to Strawberry and go camping and sleep in an Actual bed. We have been doing a lot of work on making our "Cabin" cute. we are still not totally done and it still is a little messy but it looks much better. I have really enjoyed working on the cabin. because the walls were covered in wallpaper in the kitchen, I had to texture them so you wouldn't see the seams. I got creative and painted on tissue paper. It actually looks pretty good and you cant even tell there was wallpaper before. I painted the cabinets and re faced them with bead board. It has been a project for sure but worth it. I also sewed curtain valances for all the rooms.
Russ is working on getting us solar power. I cant Wait!

this is Our Cabin Before...Our Cabin After!
My dirty Link... not allowed in the cabin without a baby wipe bath.

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Jamie said...

It looks great April. Good job!