Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Take a Risk and Cover the Thermostat

I got sick of looking at our thermostat in the middle of the wall so I decided to cover it.
Who thought of putting a Thermostat in the middle of the wall?
Seriously whoever designed this house must have been a man.
I am so proud of myself since I am not a super handy person, and if I asked my husband he probably would have objected so for me this was a risk.


(I left it open at the top and bottom so air can flow through)


Caryn said...

I love this! I too have a thermostat in the middle of the wall and I hate it every time I look at it. Thank you for such a great idea!!

Jenelle said...

I know this is random, but I saw your name on the linky party at Nesting Place... did you live in/near Kent City, MI as a kid?
Since your married name is probably Gould, not your maiden name, you're probably not the person I'm thinking of. But just checking. :)

♥ April ✿ said...

Caryn you are welcome. I seriously love it too now. That Thermostat has been haunting me for over 6 years and I am so much happier walking by a cute picture on the wall. Jenelle- sorry no I have never lived in Kent City but thank you for looking up my blog.

The Wonderful World of Wampler said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! What a great idea :) It turned out great. I am loving this "National Take a Risk Day"

Thanks for sharing April.


shedrivesgreen said...

What a great idea!! Where did you get the hardware to do this? What is it called?

✿April✿ said...

To answer your question about the hardware, I just got a picture frame from Kirklands (was on clearance even), I cut a couple cheap boards ( I think 1x2") from home depot and stained them, I got 4 small L brackets from home depot, 2 small hinges, an a magnetic catch so it stays closed all from homedepot. then i screwed on the hinges to the frame along with the L brackets. Screwed the L brackets to the wall, closed the frame so I knew where to measure the other side and screwed those L brackets to the board and wall also. Sorry if this is so long. Good luck. I seriously love looking at it now.

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