Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Its only Been a year!!

Its has been so long since I last post that I am having to re-learn how to do it :) So much has happend since a year ago that it will be impossible to list everything so I will just start with today and try to go back as much as I can remember. Today is October break and the girls are enjoying being out of school. The kids have been so busy. Autumn is now in 5th grade at Mrs Addingtons class and is taking violin this year and loving it. I am enjoying re-learning how to play with her. Autumn also is taking piano, horse riding lessons, Tumbling, and Activity days. Autumn just learned her back handsprings and back flips on the trampoline. over the summer she had a lot of fun on the Gilbert Dive team and Acting in the play Seusical the Musical. Autumn also had a little scare when she had a Seizure which resulted in Epilepsy but she is doing great now. Summer is also a busy girl. She and Autumn do a lot of the same things... since it is easier that way. Summer is in the 2nd grade in Mrs. Vaughn's class and also takes piano, horse riding lessons, and Tumbling. She is doing great with tumbling and really close to getting her back handspring. she can do it on her own on the trapmpoline. She is still a total Animal lover. She checks the chickens eggs every day and plays with the goats. Over the summer she was also on the Dive team and even made first place during dive prelims. She has become quite a diver and had the highest score on her inward dive. She also was in the Seusical the musical. Lincoln has changed so much since I last wrote. I was really worried about him not talking a year ago but now he talks a lot. He is still in speech therapy but I can see great improvements. He is in preschool at Mrs Packard preschool an learning a ton. He is also in Tumbling this year and doing great. He also just started soccer. He is the sweetest little boy ever. Russ is getting his RE Brokers License. He has passed his school exams with flying colors (even falling asleep in the middle of one of the tests twice only to be awaken by someone and then finishing on time and passing with a B+). If only we could all be that smart. Ha Ha. he has been super busy with realestate and in his calling at church. He is now Executive Secretary but still does a lot with scouting from time to time. April has been busy working 2-3 days a week with Dental Hygiene. I am so lucky to love my job and everyone I work with so much. I love being a dental hygienist. I also trapeze a couple days a week. I have learned so much and now fly out of lines and am working on my double back flip.I also take tumbling with my girls which is a ton of fun for me. Hawli has taught me so much and I can do a back handspring on my own and am working on my standing back-flip tuck. I cant wait!! I have been trying to workout a lot more lately and have found some great gals to workout with from church. I feel like I am in the best shape since my skiing days. My calling in church is the personal progress leader in young women's and am loving it. I have also become very crafty (if i do say so myself) and try to do some sort of crafty thing a week. I also love to decorate and am currently redoing our living room and girls bedroom... again. as a family we go to strawberry as much as we can and stay in our trailer. We LOVE our trailer. Things are going good and we are all happy. I love Russ more than ever and feel blessed to have married him. I know so much more has happened since I last wrote but this will have to do for now.

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Taylors said...

Thanks for the update! I love your family!!!