Saturday, December 22, 2012

2012 Christmas Letter

            Another year has flown by, and I hope this letter finds you and your family well and happy. Here are some of the highlights of what we have been doing in 2012.

Autumn, 10, is now in the 5th grade.  She has grown into a beautiful, confident young lady and a great babysitter. She started taking Violin lessons and loves to read so much that she’s in “Battle of the Books” at school.  She currently takes Piano and Tumbling class, and has even learned how to do back-handsprings on her own.  Over the summer she had a lot of fun on the Gilbert Dive team and Acting in the play Seusical the Musical. She can Wake-board longer than anyone and has a fearless drive that allows her to try anything at least once.
Summer is also a busy girl. Summer is 7, in the 2nd grade, and also takes piano and tumbling. She is a fast learner and started doing back-handsprings on her own. She loves animals almost as much as humans and we will often find her outside chasing the chickens and training the goats. Over the summer she was on the Gilbert Dive team and even made first place during dive prelims. She loves to Read, was in the play Seusical the Musical, and is a great wake-boarder. She is always making us laugh, and keeps us on our toes with her witty personality.
Lincoln, now 3, is a sweet, playful little boy. He has grown so much this year and loves preschool, working on the computer, and climbing trees. He is so fun to have around and enjoys teasing his older sisters. He has great dexterity and often takes things apart, figures out how it works, and attempts to put it together again. He also likes Swimming, Tumbling, and Helping Dad.
Russ got his Real-Estate Broker’s License this year and passed the exams with flying colors. He has now taken over the position as Designated Broker/Owner for StoneCrest Properties. He is incredibly knowledgeable in his profession, and has been super busy with real-estate and his calling at church. He is the Executive Secretary but still does scouting now and then. He enjoys camping with the family and even added solar panels to our cabin. He volunteers both in Art Masterpiece and Junior Achievements in each of the girls classes. He is an amazing Dad and super supportive of all my crazy hobbies.
 I (April) enjoy working part-time as a Dental Hygienist and serving in the church. I spend my free time swinging on the Flying Trapeze, taking Tumbling lessons with my girls, and Wake-board or Barefoot water-skiing as much as possible. I have learned to push myself more than ever and recently drove to Vegas with some girl-friends to try out for the Circus
We are excited for the New Year and all it entails. We are thankful for the gospel and all the blessings it has brought to our lives. We hope you have a great Holiday Season and fabulous New Year!
Russ, April, Autumn, Summer, and Lincoln Gould